Index Design

The Impax Global Women’s Leadership Index* is a customized index of the highest-rated companies in the world in advancing women, as rated by Impax Gender Analytics, and that meet key environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. Companies are rated by Impax Gender Analytics based on multiple criteria of gender leadership, including:

    • Representation of women on the board of directors
    • Representation of women in executive management
    • Woman CFOs
    • Woman CEOs
    • Whether they are signatories to or disclose gender data consistent with the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles**

Gender Criteria

Gender Criteria

These factors are given different weights, with representation by women on boards and in management receiving the highest weights.

The Index seeks to exclude companies that fail to meet certain environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability thresholds, including companies involved in the manufacture or sale of weapons, the manufacture of tobacco products and companies significantly involved in the extraction and/or refining of fossil fuels.

The 400 plus companies that emerge from this research and selection process are, in our view, the best companies in the world when it comes to advancing gender diversity and empowering women in the workplace.

Learn more about the index methodology.

Current holdings for Impax Global Women’s Leadership Index.


*A custom index based on MSCI World. One cannot invest directly in an index.
**A joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women